“Otus counselors don’t pressure students but guide them patiently in both essay writing and extracurricular activities. Though I could manage my time and tasks well, sometimes the counselors still reached out to help me when needed. This harmony between an open, relaxing environment and strong work ethics is what I appreciate about Otus.”

  • Temple - University Class of 2025

“I like how Otus can support me in multiple aspects, from preparing for SATs, participating in extracurricular activities, keeping good GPAs to finding suitable mental therapy.”


“What I like the most is how Ms. Trang and other Otus counselors continuously build Otus as a close-knit family where everyone can uplift each other, which is beyond my expectation. Otus gave me opportunities to experience beneficial activities with other students in my class. This is especially helpful to those who long to find like-minded peers during this college application process.”


“Ms. Trang always cares about what I want to do and my personal growth. Otus counselors are very friendly and enthusiastic. Thanks to Otus team, I could “conquer” the difficult college essay writing process, and they even stayed up late to help me finish the application.“

  • New York University Abu Dhabi Class of 2025

“Not only have my writing skills improved, but through fruitful conversations with my counselor about the essay’s topic, I also achieved more mature thinking. Otus counselors are very considerate; they know how to make students feel comfortable writing essays like not chasing me with deadlines but they are indeed responsible with their students’ progress.”

  • New York University Abu Dhabi Class of 2020

“I believe that a student’s relationship with Otus ends after they got into their dream school, but Otus is always by your sides in life in general.”

  • University of California - Berkeley Class of 2017

“Otus taught me everything I needed to know, from writing college essays, resumes to interviewing with admission officers. It’s a holistic help from them!”

  • University of Washington Class of 2019

“Otus truly understands each student’s personality, passion, and strengths. They don’t simply stop at getting the work done.”

  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities Class of 2018

“Whenever I had questions, I just texted Otus counselors and they always replied to help me resolve everything. I feel very appreciated at Otus.”

  • University of California - Davis Class of 2019

“Unlike other college consulting firms, Otus is a community, and Otus students are everywhere in the States.”

  • Mount Holyoke College Class of 2017

“Otus provides students with holistic guidance, especially those who completely don’t know anything about U.S. college application.”

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District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
+84 903 38 44 10


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