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Virtual Youth Energy Academy 11 – 17 October 2021

About RRC.AP

The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP)  is an outreach centre of the Asian Institute of Technology that assists countries to advance their environment and sustainable development goals through the provision of capacity building, knowledge and information sharing, policy advice and research in the thematic areas of Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Waste and Resource Management.

After the consecutive success of the two editions of YEA in 2019 and 2020, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT-RRCAP) and the Sustainable Energy Youth Network (SEYN), with the support of the Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS-RECAP) are hosting the third edition in 2021.

In light of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, this year’s YEA will also be held virtually. Nevertheless, the YEA organizing team will strive to deliver a unique, fun, and engaging programme.

Virtual Youth Energy Academy


The Youth Energy Academy aims to continuously increase the implementation potential of projects and foster replicability across the Asian region. More specifically the Virtual YEA aims to:
1.    Raise awareness about the need to shift to DRE approaches and the role of citizens in this transition;
2.   Promote the involvement of young people in DRE by sharing inspiring stories and projects led by other young people;
3.  Equip young people with the hard and soft skills and tools to design, organize and build small scale sustainable energy projects;
4.  Foster leadership, entrepreneurship, and a “can-do” attitude, by encouraging young people to develop and apply skills in developing projects in their communities;
5.  Increase the potential of project idea implementation after the Academy;
6.  Promote the replication and ripple effect across the region by equipping YEA alumni to train other people in small scale, decentralized renewable energy approaches; and

7. Further build the YEA network of young people in the region

Date and Format

The V-YEA will take place virtually between 11 and 17 October 2021, through the Zoom platform, DIY videos, virtual tours, and other digital means. We are also planning some interesting options to keep the dynamics and the irreplaceable human contact, read on!

The Programme

The 7-day Virtual Academy will include:

1.Theoretical sessions (max. 120 min a day) with key experts following daily themes.

2.Practical sessions including basic DIY workshops by trainers (video recordings and live sessions), group work on various topics covered in the theoretical sessions, exercises, and feedback from trainers and experts.​

3.Guided virtual tours, to sites showcasing decentralized renewable energy technologies and applications in Thailand.

Application Process

  1. Read the info above and the FAQs;
  2. Download the Team Summary Form template here, fill it in with each member’s info and save it as “name of the focal point_Country” (example: John Doe_Thailand); and
  3. The Team’s Focal point completes and submit the online form, including the Team Summary Form by 30 July 2021.

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